Our Quality System means we achieve what we say we will.


We support each other to be innovative and look for opportunities to deliver greater value to our Clients.


We continually question our processes, with the aim of improving our performance and consistency

I have found TOD Consulting Engineers to be an excellent firm, as they work with their clients to achieve the best possible outcomes

Brian Peebles, Branch Manager - Transport & Engineering Services Infrastructure Services | Sunshine Coast Council

Our Quality Policy

Tod Consulting Pty Ltd are professional engineers specialising in infrastructure, buildings, subdivisions and placemaking projects. We provide design, consulting and project management services to clients including local governments, facility owners, developers and constructors.
Our Quality Management System is based on the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Comply with client specifications and relevant statutory requirements
  • Establish and maintain objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating inefficiencies
  • Comply with ISO 9001:2015
  • Maintain a prime focus on client satisfaction
  • Monitor, inspect, measure and report the effectiveness of our quality management goals and system by: 
    • A Design risk assessment is undertaken at the start of the project and Constructability issues identified and managed in consultation with the client.
    • Ongoing communication is carried out with Client, stakeholders, designers, contractors (if known) to ensure the project outcomes meet or exceed the client’s requirements along with the appropriate Australian Standards and best practice.
    • Issues affecting project outcomes are communicated to the client immediately with recommended actions to eliminate or minimise impacts;
    • Revised project documentation (eg design drawing amendments) are tracked using transmittal documents to ensure all parties are working off the latest documents.
    • We assign appropriate resources to conduct regular assessments and inspections to track safety performance, environmental controls and work quality.
    • Formal reports are prepared for the client on a regular basis on project performance covering progress, costs versus budget, variations, quality, safety and environment.
Strategies and Objectives:
  • Ensure that project outcomes meet or exceed the client’s requirements along with the appropriate Australian Standards and best practice
  • Compliance with relevant legal and other obligations
  • To have a growing and sustainable business
  • Ensuring that not only our immediate clients, but also facility end-users and other stakeholders are satisfied with our design and service outcomes.
This statement is issued to indicate our commitment to our product, our clients and our standards of service.  The full support of our employees, suppliers and contractors is sought in meeting our commitment.