Feasibility, Planning & Design

What is the best contract type for your project? Lump Sum, D&C, Schedule of Rates, Collaborative?

How do you work out the most cost-effective staging for your project? Ask us.

Construction Delivery: 


What if you're really busy - who can manage the tendering process and construction planning for your project? We can.
Complications sometimes happen during project delivery. These are often specific to individual sites and circumstances. We've got a track record for solving these issues.


Having the right advice saves you time and money. Our Project Management and Superintendency services will move your project in the right direction.



Design: bridges & civil structures, roads, buildings, subdivisions, placemaking


Connecting our communities together

How is a bridge designed to handle being hit by floodwater every 12 months? We can tell you.



Hubs where we work, rest and play

How do you make an apartment building hang onto the side of a sand dune? How can we find more floor space for your building project? Ask us.



What steps are required to submit a DA application to Council? What information does a Contractor need to construct your subdivision? We have the answers.



Spaces for health, happiness & well being

Why does coloured concrete crack, and how do you stop it from happening? Is your public artwork vandal-proof? "Been there, done that"


Level 1,2,3 inspections, damage audits, remedial solutions and project management: bridges & civil structures


Want clear, meaningful actions & timelines to fix the concrete cancer in your bridge? Want to know how to prevent a damaged overpass bridge from collapsing onto a busy highway? Ask us.


Damage Investigations and Remedial Design: roads

How do you fix a street that's slipped down the side of a slope? How do you prevent a multi-million dollar site from slipping down to the beach? We have.


Structural Alterations & Remedial Design: buildings and placemaking structures

Is it safe to remove that wall to make a larger room in your apartment? Can you move the top of an old tree onto an unused telephone pole to save a bird's nest? We can help.